Christian Cemetary

On November 9, 1951, near the end of the New Life, Meher Baba and the four companions, Eruch, Baidul Pendu and Gustadji, took up residence at a house in Aurangabad for nine days in order for Baba to continue His mast contacts and engage in other universal work.On November 15th Baba expressed the wish to have the blessings of a venerable Christian Father in Aurangabad.After a difficult search, Eruch was led to an elderly European priest named Father Breger who performed the blessed Baba.Continuing from there, Baba visited the local Parsi Tower of Silence where He instructed the four companions to offer Zoroastrian prayers, which He silently joined in.Soon thereafter Baba indicated His desire to continue His spiritual work in a quiet place and a Christian cemetery outside Aurangabad was chosen for this purpose.

The cemetery was divided into three sections and Baba chose a site in the middle section under a neem tree next to a Moslem grave shrine that encroached into the cemetery grounds.To ensure that Baba’s work was not disturbed the mandali were posted at the four sides of the cemetery. Presently, Eruch, who was at the main gate, spotted a funeral procession making its way to the cemetery.Mindful of Baba’s need for privacy, Eruch hurried down the road to meet the procession before it reached the main gate.He then began to engage the mourners in conversation and all manner of “jabbering” as he put it about the deceased and his family to prevent them from entering the cemetery.Anxiously awaiting Baba’s summons, he finally heard Baba’s clap summing the mandali.He left the mourners and immediately returned to where Baba was waiting. As Baba and the companions were leaving the cemetery grounds they passed the procession and coffin that by then had reached the cemetery grounds.Baba commented, “How blessed is this person that I am here while he is being carried to his grave.”


Baba was pleased with the work accomplished at the cemetery and was in a lighthearted mood as they returned to Aurangabad.