In the 1970's and 1980's Eruch Jessawala, a close disciple of Avatar Meher Baba, would take pilgrims to the the Ellora caves and the Valley Of The Saints, telling stories of the times he had been there with Meher Baba. Along the way, he would show special places associated with the end of the New Life journey, in which he was one of the four remaining companions, accompanying Baba. At Toka Sangum, Eruch would point out the place, where in 1928. Meher Baba moved all of Meherabad to a field along the banks of the Godaveri River. At Daulatabad Fort, he would describe his visits there with Meher Baba and would tell the history of the fort.

Eruch would start these trips very early in the morning and by evening he would still be eager to show more places associated with the life and work of Avatar Meher Baba but many of the much younger pilgrims were by then exhausted.

This tour is based on a tour that Eruch led in March, 1979. Audio files of Eruch telling the stories are found on each page. The pages listed to the left are in the order that Eruch gave this tour.