The most celebrated and monumental of the caves temples at the Ellora complex is Kailash.Unlike the surrounding caves, Kailash was ‘unveiled’ from the top of the mountain and is considered one of the great monolithic structures in the world.Kailash combines immensity of effort with grace and superb craftsmanship.

Legend records that the Kailash monument was begun by King Krishna I of the Rashtrakut dynasty in 760 AD for his Nepalese queen, who was a devotee of Shiva and missed the presence of Kailash Mountain after she moved to the Deccan.Such was the King’s devotion that he ordered that the main surfaces of the temple be covered in white plaster to simulate Shiva’s snowy Tibetan mountain home.The temple courtyard measures over 5300 meters and the sanctuary rises more than 30 meters high.Kailash’s carvings represent the Brahmanical Hindu traditions that tell the tales of Shiva, Parvati, Ravana and many of the deities of Hindu mythology.It is estimated that construction took almost two hundred years and involved the cutting and removal of over 3,000,000 cubic feet of rock.

The many carved panels throughout the temple depict tales from the Mahabarata and Ramayana.To the casual observer the presence of many “erotic” paintings and sculptures one sees as they approach the Sanctum Sanctorum of the god perhaps give an erroneous impression of ancient Indian culture.  Eruch would tell those who visited the Ellora Caves with him that the Kailash temple is one of the most important Shiva temples in the world.He went on to say that Meher Baba once explained that the Shiva Lingam, that is the focal point of all Shiva temples, does not celebrate the phallus or pro creation, but had a deeper meaning relating to creation and the need to transcend carnal passions.The many erotic painting and sculptured figures outside the entry of the Shiva lingam sanctuary are intended to remind the worshiper that carnal passions need to be left behind before entering the presence of the god.  The spiritual purpose of meditation of the Shiva lingam was used to unify oneself with reality by understanding the lingam as the root cause of '‘manyness'’ in creation.At the same time, it is also the root cause of the Avataric Advent Baba visited the Kailash temple during different times with His eastern and western disciples and said that the Kailash monument was built with great devotion.