Situated between the Guest House and the tomb of Sayyid Yusuf al-Husanyi Raju Qattal is the Mosque of the 1400 Saints, (Masjid-I Charardih Sad Awliya”) built to commemorate the arrival of the Chisti Sufis at Daulatabad.  The transplantation of the Chishti order to Daulatabad established spiritual importance to the forced migration of the Muslim population of Delhi to Daulatabad ordered by Muhammad ibn Tughluq in 1329.  In years to come, both nearby Khuldabad and the Valley of the Saints became the focal point of the activities of the Sufi saints and their disciples and were established as places of worship and burial for the ever increasing Sufi population.
During Meher Baba’s frequent visits to the Valley of the Saints He and His companions would occupy the rooms directly beneath the Mosque.  The location of the Mosque provided easy access to the various Sufi tombs and shrines Baba wished to visit to do His universal work.  There was even a kitchen in the building where Chagan used to prepare food for Baba and the companions and a separate room and bath used by Baba.  Baba would sometimes sit on the verandah overlooking the valley conversing informally with the companions.  At times, lamp lit night vigils would be held in the larger hall and Qawaals would be summoned from Bombay, Poona, or Aurangabad to sing to Baba for the entire evening.  At times Baba would end the Qawaali programme around midnight and walk the short distance across the grounds to Husayni’s tomb and do His spiritual work returning in the early hours of the morning.

Eruch observed how amusing it was to be sitting in the rooms beneath the mosque with Baba while upstairs the Iman and followers would be shouting out fervently “Allah hu Akbar (God is Great) not knowing the Lord Himself was directly beneath their feet.