One of the shrines in the Valley of the saints that received special attention from Meher Baba was that of Sayyid Yusuf al Husanyi raju Qattal, who was also called Gaysoodaras because of his long hair.  Although not much is known about Husanyi, he was himself purported to be a sixth plane saint, and the father of the Perfect Master Kwaja Bunday Bavas who is buried in a dargah in Gulbarga in the southern Deccan.

As Eruch describes it, Baba would come to Husanyi’s tomb after midnight and sit in a corner inside the tomb and bow down thousands of times.  He would make Eruch sit beside Him with a matchbox and keep count taking one match out of the box for every hundred times Baba bowed His head.  Eruch says that the doors were kept closed allowing no ventilation inside and Baba would emerge hours later exhausted and bathed in sweat.  Baba would then rest against a pillar in front of the shrine for about a half an hour and then return to the rooms under the mosque.  Then Baba and the companions day would begin anew by washing their faces and eating a light breakfast of tea and left over chapattis.  Baba and His companions would then resume trudging throughout the valley visiting the tombs of saints and Perfect Masters.
When one of the Mandali questioned Baba about why He bowed down at these shrines, He said that “I am not doing this to achieve anything, but I do it because thousands of people for many centuries have come here and poured out their impressions in obeisance to the ones resting here and there is an intermingling of different types of vibration and impressions.  So, by My act I am putting ‘order into chaos’”.